Shirt Presale starts tonight

Our new 2014 shirts and our original logo shirts are now up for pre order. We’re also offering bundles for the 2014 shirt and our debut album. The pre sale period will last until we reach a fund limit to produce these shirts, there will then be a two week print period before we can post the shirts to you! The 2014 shirts are limited edition and will only be printed this year.

Othorion Beckons

The Last Sons of Perylin released digitally!

Hey all!

Just letting you all know as the title suggests that the album The Last Sons of Perylin has been released digitally! It is being sold on iTunes and CD Baby!

Just search the band name and you’ll see the album pop up!

We’ve had a bit of a set back with the physical copies of the album (Paypal are being difficult) but never fear! We’re working towards a solution and will announce it shortly!

Thanks again to everyone for the support, it is GREATLY appreciated!




The Ritual Has Begun…..

After one thousand years of silence a darkness stirs within the vast barren depths of the internet. From beneath its stone prison a hellish fury awaits resurrection. And that resurrection has come.

We have launched the official site of ferocious symphonic metallers Bane of Winterstorm and ‘The War of Shadows’.
Content will be updated regularly and will feature the official library of ‘The War of Shadows’ and the lore that it is based on.

We have also unleashed the first single off our debut album. ‘The Magic of Mithren’s Ring’ features Jonas Heidgert of Dragonland and will be the first track released off the album, with a video clip for the song being filmed later on in the year.